Who are we?

Leader in the Market

Founded in 2014 by a group of professionals with varying skills and whose aim is to acquire financial freedom through property and real estate investments, the company has grown and now owns residential properties as well as an equity portfolio comprising of shares in real estate investment trusts.

About us

Propheld is a 100% black-owned and managed property company. We focus on property because as an asset class, delivers safe, defensive and reliable returns.

Propheld’s initial focus was on undervalued low end residential properties. Thereafter, the company diversified into listed real estate investments. Our aim is to further diversify our portfolio into property development, commercial, industrial and listed offshore property.

Our investment philosophy is driven by three fundamental principles:

  1. Value

Our investment choices are backed by a thoughtful investment selection process that focuses on intrinsic value and growth potential

  1. Long-Term Investing

in our experience successful investing involves taking a long-term view and understanding the macro and micro economic factors affecting our investment choices and opportunities.

  1. Risk Management

While understanding that risk inherently drives growth, we manage our risk by understanding our investments through proper analysis and monitoring, diversifying our assets and finally, by remaining flexible in our investment approach. We believe in partnerships that are sustainable, ethical, mutually beneficial and which will deliver long-term sustainable growth.

By keeping our costs low, most of our income is invested on a regular basis in property assets and enlisted property. Our returns are all reinvested to ensure that we reap the benefits of compounding.

In the spirit of growing wealth together, Propheld seeks partners and opportunities with individuals and companies with whom we share a common vision.

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